Monday, June 30, 2008

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Bare Walls, No Boundaries

Bare Walls, No Boundaries
A Video and Alternative Media Exhibition
June 14, 2008 - August 17, 2008

Bare Walls will examine the concept and development of individual identity and the roles that society places on individuals based on class, gender, race, sexuality, popular stereotypes, and mass media influence. Various works presented in this exhibition will be contemporary observations about how those identities have been historically defined within American society. Other works will use popular culture, music, and satire to examine how individual identity is constructed and defined by traditional social mores. In concert, the works will act as comparative analyses about the ways in which individual persona develops, or in some cases, becomes distorted in relation to the societal norm.

Bare Walls, No Boundaries exhibits videos and a kinetic sound installation, which correlate to the overarching themes. Artists included in the exhibition include: Elizabeth Axtman, David Ellis, McCallum & Tarry, Fahamou Pecou, Jefferson Pinder, Abbey Williams, Lauren Woods, and Michael Paul Britto.